3d lenticular software

psdto3d 101 lenticular design software

3d painting

1. who is the developer of this PSDTO3D software? how to distiguish the official 3d lenticular software from so many pirated ones? HongMin Guo who comes from OK3D INTERNATIonAL GROUP LIMITED is the orignal develope of the PSDTO3D software, he has more than 10 years in 3d lenticular software development and 3d lenticular design.

2. On the interface of official PSDTO3D software, there has name Hongmin Guo, and his telephone No, and has the copyright No of this software.

Detail introduction of this PSDTO3D software as follows:

  1. Modify layer drawline, like move, zoom in and zoom out, different layers can move, cut, paste, zoom, point can move, add or delete
  2. Angles can be 999, 2d to 3d conversion is more smooth
  3. LPI and size setting are unlimited
  4. Support CMYK and RGB, strong 3d effect is very clear
  5. Midline can be aligned automatically
  6. Support output PSD, gif, tiff, bmp file
  7. Can make lenticular effect 3D,flip,morph,zoom,animation
  8. Can import large size PSD file, you can make large 3d photo easily, output file can be 40GB, output DPI can be 9600

fly-eye 3D lenticular software

This software is being used to design geometric pattern into fly eye image, like star shape, square shape, triangle shape, it requires high definition background, it must be circular pattern, it will be made into very strong 3d effect in all direction, we can put 2d effect potrait in the background The software is extremely popular in the market, easy to operate, good effect, no need 3D cylinder alignment position. Fly-eye lens is composed of numerous dots composed of neatly arranged special lenticular lens,Each dot is a tiny magnifying glass. You can just input BMP form, 1bit, 8bit, 24bit, either is ok, the output form is the same as the input form, generally speaking, we suggest people use 1bit form solid file, the effect will be much better.